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Retirement Board Meeting
Event Date: Thursday, 03/14/19  9:00 AM 
Event Description:


Thursday March 14, 2019 – 9:00 A.M.
Greater KC Public Safety Credit Union – 2800 E. 14th Street
1.   Investment Committee Report – Chad Pickens

2.   2019 Retirement Board Election Schedule – Tom Mills
3.   Secretary’s Update – Jim Pyle
a.   Retirement Board Policy #23 Election of Retirement Board Officers
b.   Retirement Board Police #18 Definition of Actuarially Sound (COLA Policy)
c.   March Health Insurance Premium Reduction d.   2019 Health Insurance Open Enrollment

4.   Board Member Comments

5.   Public Comments

6.   Omnibus Motion – Richard Smith
Approval of minutes of February 14 Board Meetings
Monthly Financial Statements for January 2019
Payment of Bills
Return of Contributions
Purchase and Sale of Assets
Payment or Commencement of Pensions or Other Benefits
Purchase of Creditable Service
As presented in the Secretary’s Reports for the Police Retirement System of Kansas City and the 
Civilian Employees’ Retirement System of the Police Department of Kansas City
7.   Adjournment
This meeting is open to the public. The board may vote to go into closed session before,
during or after the meeting to discuss appropriate items.


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